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Sarah Circle Thursday, Oct 1 @ 7:00 PM
Coordinating Council, JH, Kit Friday, Oct 2 @ 11:30 AM
Double Rings, JH, Kit. Saturday, Oct 10 @ 6:30 PM
Worship Committee, Library Monday, Oct 19 @ 7:30 PM
Coordinating Council, JH, Kit Monday, Nov 2 @ 11:30 AM

From Our Seminary Intern . . .

Michael Chesnut (002).jpg


I broke my leg three days before I was supposed to begin high school. It was the first day of full-pads for football practice, and I made the mistake of going against the hardest hitter on my football team. It didn’t bode well for me.


I spent the next four or five weeks in bed recovering. As painful as it was, I was mainly just bored. This was before cell phones were widespread, so I couldn’t text my friends. I wasn’t a big reader at the time. I just watched Olympic tennis and stared at my ceiling. When I grew tired of that, I spent my time thinking about what it would be like once I was mobile again. Then I would be able to mosey down the hall and sit at my computer. Then I would be able to play basketball. Then I would be able to go to school and see my friends. Looking back on it, these times of envisioning played a critical role in helping me get through the pain and boredom of my fractured ankle.


We talk a lot about COVID-19 these days, and appropriately so. It’s exerting a profound pressure on our lives. But perhaps with all this time inside, we can think of what it will be like when we’re finally able to go outside. Most especially, perhaps we can think about what we want our church to look like once this all blows over – which may feel like an eternity. But COVID will eventually blow over. And it’s good to think about what we want things to look like, what we want our church to look like, when that happens. Are there crucial lessons that we’ve learned that we want to continue applying? Are there experiments that we want to try out? Or, are we confident in the direction that we were heading before COVID, and is it that we only need to continue in that direction?


All are legitimate possibilities. Nevertheless, perhaps we can spend this time dreaming and envisioning possibilities. It will likely help us get through this, and it will stand us in good stead when COVID does blow over.


–Michael Chesnut


400 W. Duarte Rd Arcadia, CA 91007      [email protected]      (626) 447-2181
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