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Sarah Circle Thursday, Oct 1 @ 7:00 PM
Coordinating Council, JH, Kit Friday, Oct 2 @ 11:30 AM
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Worship Committee, Library Monday, Oct 19 @ 7:30 PM
Coordinating Council, JH, Kit Monday, Nov 2 @ 11:30 AM

75th Anniversary of CGS!

Celebrating 75 Years of Christian Ministry and Mission


Through the Years


Funding a Chapel in 1945


 For our Methodist forebears who launched the Church of the Good Shepherd in 1945, a financial commitment was one of the considerations involved, along with the spiritual dedication. So one wonders: what were the other monetary factors in people’s lives at that time?



 The cost of building the sanctuary was a tiny percentage of what today’s price tag would be, but quite daunting at the time. Where was the money to come from? Of their modest earnings, how could families spare their share of the funding? Could they tithe? Or increase that to more than a tithe? Could they deny themselves any modest luxuries, such as an occasional dinner in a restaurant? Let’s look at some of the average numbers facing each family in 1945.


The price of a homePicture2.jpg would, then as now, depend greatly upon its size and amenities. Probably the phrase “location, location, location” was as relevant as it is presently, too. So lovely homes were available for between $4,600 and $10,000, complete with modest mortgage payments. If you’d rather rent, you could find a place easily for $60 a month. As for transportation, $1,020 to $1,250 would put your own wheels under you. Then for somewhere between 15 and 21 cents a gallon of gas, you could fill ‘er up.


Now for some basics in food. You could eat (or share) an entire loaf of white bread for 9 cents. A couple of eggs to go with it would be good, and 58 cents would buy a dozen. For 62 cents, you could have a whole gallon of milk. Beyond basics, you might decide occasionally to spend some on little luxuries, such as movie tickets at 55 cents...or even box seat tickets to the ’45 World Series for $7.50! A fine men’s dress shirt might cost $2.50. For the extravagant luxury of a lady’s fur coat, you’d need to part with around $70. A special little girl might dream of a doll house, and $3.19 could make her dream come true. Perhaps someone in the family would like to write letters on a portable typewriter rather than by hand. It could cost $68.37 to buy one. But then it cost only 3 cents to mail the letter!


Before any of these price tags appear too enviable, we need to look at how much money the wage earner brought home. Sources report the average wages per year as $2,400 and salaries as $2,900. Decisions would have to be made wisely for that amount of money to stretch over even the basics for a family. Most people had slim margins of optional spending. As for the luxuries we mentioned, they were probably indulged in rarely, if ever.


But now these folks wanted to build a chapel for their newly founded church! Such faith! How audacious! How committed! So now we look again at the financial commitment the first Good Shepherd congregants had to make to assure the success of their church. In view of the incomes and costs of living we’ve sampled here, we are awed and humbled by their dedication, as well as eternally grateful for what they accomplished 75 years ago.


400 W. Duarte Rd Arcadia, CA 91007      [email protected]      (626) 447-2181
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